Theros. The Last Great City of the dying Theran Empire. What was once the glorious walled capitol of a continent-spanning empire is now a decadent and crowded bastion against the encroaching dark. 250 years ago, a new kingdom erupted to the south when an ambitious demon’s plans came to fruition and she ascended to a sort of royalty of her kind. Her domain spreads farther every year, as more of the world is slowly remade in her image. The militant hobgoblin nation to the east expand their holdings even as they oppose the Abyssal incursion, the dwarves have fallen ominously silent in their mountain homes to the west, the elven folk prepare for war in their remaining forests, and the remaining shreds of the glory that was the Theran Empire ignore their doom as best they can. Nowhere is truly safe anymore, and adventure is everywhere, whether fiendish or mundane.


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